Dr. Cory Hammond of the Univ. of Utah School of Medicine compiled this comprehensive list of studies and articles for the International Society of Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR). The organization encourages much more research. Additional research will help neuroscientists understand why Neurofeedback is often effective with many brain-based conditions. Over 1000 published studies that support the field are listed in this link. The initial research in Neurofeedback starting in the late 1960’s was animal based. One of the first studies published showed that training cats to change their EEG increased their seizure threshold (reduced seizures). Before any human studies, there was solid animal research establishing that animals can change their EEG and that changes produce a profound effect on brain function.

This research listing categorizes by ADHD and Attention, migraines, anxiety, depression, seizures and a variety of other conditions.

Evidence-Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback:

Joseph J. Horvat, PhD and Corydon Hammond, PhD, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury(MTBI)–The “Missed” Diagnosis”

Monastra, (2002)-Abstract of an ADHD research paper demonstrating that both stimulant medication and neurofeedback significantly reduced ADHD symptoms but only the neurofeedback trained children retained the benefits after cessation of the medication. http://

LENS Neurofeedback Research

The following is a list of LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) studies and references. A double issue of the Journal of Neurotherapy, Volume 10 2-3 was devoted to LENS.  Links to several articles are included in this review:

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